About Marveled Designs

If you can
make a mold, you can have it in concrete.

Our Mission

Marveled Designs is a functional and sculptural concrete design company that provides the knowledge, skill and devoted attention to both our product and customer.

What We Do

The initial concept behind Marveled Designs was to fabricate custom, hand-made concrete countertops and integral concrete sinks. This concept quickly changed when one of our first clients requested a large custom designed (by them), red bird bath.

Our Core Competencies

Customer Intimacy

We enjoy getting to know our clients even if the project is being coordinated by a General Contractor. Because of concrete's diverse characteristics, a one-on-one interaction with our client better allows us to tailor our product to their expectations, wants & needs. We believe that open communication throughout the duration of the project, fosters a healthy business relationship & ensures a successful project outcome.


This is in regards to both Marveled Designs and our customers. We believe it is our obligation to best educate the customer about our product & how it can be manipulated to best fit their personal needs. As a company we are continuously educating ourselves on industry trends in design, production & quality control.

Green Management

As young entrepreneurs we believe we have an invested interest in our environment and strongly support in both green construction and business behavior.

Product Design

We take pride in creating one-of-a-kind hand crafted concrete pieces & paying attention to both structural & design elements that continually make our concrete a marveled design.

Marveled Designs
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Chatham, NY 12037
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