Green Management

Live Smarter

Sustainable living has become an encouraged philosophy as our consumption of natural resources becomes a major concern. Recycling industry by-products in our concrete is a major way that we pursue the "green" philosophy.

We at Marveled Designs are furthering our pursuit of "green" by redesigning our approach to mix design and introducing Greencrete. By working with local businesses to recycle their glass and broken wares to use as aggregate replacement in our concrete we are increasing our recycled materials to 25%.

Go Green!

Ways We Stay "Green"

  • Production Techniques
  • Supplier Relationships
  • Product Materials/Suppliers
  • Recycle Glass
  • Use of Fly Ash
  • Precise Mix Amounts
  • Align Ourselves with Environmental Advocates
  • Energy Conscious
  • Use of Water Based Sealers

Even when its grey, concrete is Green

Carbon Footprint

Check and learn how to lower your own carbon footprint at

U.S. Green Building Council

To learn about LEED credits and score "green points" during your building process go to

Ponder This

1 ton of fly ash used Conserves enough landfill space for 455 days of solid waste produced by an average American Equals the CO2 emissions from 2 months use of an atomobile, it saves enough energy to provide electricity to an average American home for 24 days, not to mention 75% of fly ash is currently placed in landfills consuming 26 cubic miles annually

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