History of Concrete


Concrete is one of man's oldest but greatest innovations. Not for it's beauty but for the building freedom it provides. Thank you to the Romans who have left us a prime example of concretes ability to stand the test of time in the Colosseum. And within the thousands of years the Colosseum has stood over Rome, concrete has since evolved and aquired traits of beauty and elegance allowing it to shift into the decorative and finishing aspects of design while maintaining its strength and expanding it's versatility.

History of Concrete

Hand-Crafted, Durable, Versatile, Freedom of Design

From foundations to fountains concrete can turn the imagination into reality. The evolution of this material makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking to meld form with function in their home, office or life.

Concrete is a conglomerate in nature. Combining a myriad of different materials to essentially create another entirely new material with the potential for multiple applications. When dealing with the ingredients of concrete you have three key materials.


Cement is a pozzolan, and there are both recycled and man-made pozzolans that Marveled Designs uses to replace cement, and therefore reduce the production of cement.


Aggregates consist traditionally of sand and stones, but when dealing with decorative concrete the aggregates expand to specialty sands, recycled glass, & decorative gravels to enhance the appearance and the surronding atmosphere.


Water is water and there is no substitute. That is why Marveled Designs uses the lowest water to cement ratio to limit our use, which in turn strengthens or concrete.

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