Project Process

Our Project Process

Step 1

Consultation/Design Session

This is when customer involvement is at its peak, whether working directly with the homeowner or through a contractor, we encourage meeting with the end-user of the concrete.

The initial meeting allows for all areas of the project to be addressed, ensuring the customer is maximizing the potential of concrete's attributes.

Step 2

Free Estimate

Following the design session a free estimate is provided based on the given specifications. All initial price estimates include templating, fabrication & installation of the concrete.

Step 3


Each job is custom templated to the space the concrete will occupy. Ths will beocme the living blueprint for the concrete. The process accounts for out of square walls, overhangs, seams (if needed) & all other design features.

Being this is the last time until the concrete is finished that Marveled Designs is present at the job site, the contractor/homeowner who signed the contract must also sign-off on the template. Ensuring all project specifications have accurately been accounted for.

Step 4


All concrete is fabricated at Marveled Designs' studio using pre-cast techniques. Duration of the project can take form 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity. Marveled Designs will call the customer a few days prior to the installation, allowing for any final arrangements that have to be made on their end.

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