Design & Customization Options


Edge Detail

Edge detail is a key element to any product design. From a crisp clean eased edge that coexists in the minimalist kitchen to the ornate ogee edge that is just the right touch for that classical architecture.

Standard 1/4 Round Bull Nose Ogee Bevel

Seam Design

Concrete countertops have the ability to be cast in impressive sizes with no seams but not all project environments tolerate large pieces, therefore making seams necessary. Because concrete is formed to custom design specifications, seam location can be integrated into the design. Either being dictated by the location of the cabinet seams or even run on a diagonal it is all a matter of what wants to be achieved aesthetically.

Edge Returns

Standard thickness of a Marveled Designs countertop is 1.5" but they can be made thicker through out the whole slab and for appearances of thickness beyond 2" an edge return fits the bill. Casting a dry mix to form up the edge return allows Marveled Designs to add the appearance of any thickness without the weight.


Concrete countertops just as any other horizontal surface serve as beams and therefore have the inherent properties of a beam. Marveled Designs concrete is engineered to span impressive distances with no additional support in the middle as well as performing overhangs/cantilevers in a 2:1 ratio with no added bracing . A feature that you can not achieve with other natural stone.

Sink Options


  • Traditional Mount – Where the countertop over hangs the sink by a ¼”
  • Flush Mount– The edge of the countertop and the side walls of the sink are flush
  • Step Mount – Exposes the flange of the sink
Traditional Mount Flush Mount Step Mount  


Seamless transition from the countertop to the sink.



The rim of the sink fits over the countertop.


Vessel Sink

Sits on top of the countertop. Popular in bathrooms.

Vessel Sink

Apron Front Sink

Also known as farm sinks.

Apron Front Sink
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