Is concrete porous?

Our thorough finishing techniques, mix design, and sealers leave the concrete a dense, non-porous surface.


How much does it weigh?

One cubic foot of concrete will cover 4’x2’x1.5” (8 square feet) and weighs 145 pounds.


Can I cut on my concrete countertop?

It is not recommended to cut on a sealed concrete surface, as the integrity of the sealer may be compromised.  It is recommended to use a cutting board.


Will the concrete stain?

Unsealed concrete is susceptible to staining.  Marveled Designs uses a number of different sealers depending on the application of the concrete - kitchen countertops, outdoor tables, or bathroom vanities would all receive different sealers, as their usage demands vary.


How will the kitchen countertop sealer perform?

Kitchen countertops are sealed with a professional grade sealer safe for the kitchen environment.  The sealer boasts excellent protection from acid staining, heat (rated for 500 degrees), delamination and water staining.  Field repairs can easily be made.  Sealer life is expected to be 5-10years, depending on use and care.  

Not meant to be reapplied by the homeowner.


Will the concrete crack?

Not likely, stress cracks occur but will not take away from the structural integrity of the concrete.  Our concrete is reinforced with a combination of steel and fibers to mitigate cracking.  Stress cracks can be repaired.


How long will a kitchen countertop project take to complete?

Average project turnaround time is 3-6 weeks, depending on project size and scope of detail.


What are the most frequent uses/applications of decorative precast concrete?

Kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, shower bases, shower walls, sinks, wall panels, fireplace surrounds, and outdoor kitchen countertops.


What are the different finish options?

Our concrete products can be solid colored, variegated, or have aggregate reveals.




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