Southfield Manor

2014-2019/Southfield, MA

This luxurious home displays concrete in all of the right places.  It boats a Victorian style kitchen, with dark grey variegated countertops, edged in traditional ogee detailing.  A drain ramp was added, sloping towards the porcelain farm style sink the concrete lends itself to.  The master bathroom includes a custom concrete tiled floor, which smoothly transitions into the shower base of the same material.  Half-inch concrete panels clad the shower walls, while a single cast shower bench with integral legs was incorperated.  The guest bathroom was also tiled in concrete, but in another color scheme of beige with brown veins.    The titanium black vanity top features a classic square sink knockout, six-inch concrete backsplash, and wall-mounted faucet.  Lastly, the bedroom is furnished with a fireplace encompassed in custom concrete cladding.